Anti Factor Antibodies

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52-FIX13F42F6Anti Human Factor IX Clone 13F42F6575 €Molecular Innovations
52-FV12C5Anti Human Factor V Clone 12C5261 €Molecular Innovations
52-FV14G5Anti Human Factor V Clone 14G5261 €Molecular Innovations
52-fvii11g42d8Anti Human Factor VII Clone 11 G42D8575 €Molecular Innovations
52-FX3C8B9Anti Human Factor X Clone 3C8B9575 €Molecular Innovations
52-FX4E3F8Anti Human Factor X Clone 4E3F8575 €Molecular Innovations
52-FXI2B11Anti Human Factor XI Clone 14261 €Molecular Innovations
52-FXI14F8Anti Human Factor XI Clone 14F8261 €Molecular Innovations
52-FXI9C9E10Anti Human Factor XI Clone 9C9E10261 €Molecular Innovations
52-FXII11b9Anti Human Factor XII Clone 11B9261 €Molecular Innovations
52-FXII20B2Anti Human Factor XII Clone 20B2261 €Molecular Innovations
52-FXII20C8Anti Human Factor XII Clone 20C8261 €Molecular Innovations
598-MO-M40039MAB Anti Human Factor X Primary483 €Anogen
285-MCA509GMouse Anti Human Complement Factor H MAB611 €AB Serotec
285-ABS0055Mouse Anti Human Factor VIII Alk. Phos.828 €AB Serotec
71-YNRHPF4Platelet Factor 4 Rabbit Anti Human 1 mL655 €Accurate Chemical
06-E04P0018Rabbit Anti Placenta Growth Factor875 €Blue Gene
498-BS-4690R-HRPRabbit Anti Tissue Factor CD142 F3 PAB326 €Bioss
52-SASHFVIII-GFSheep Anti Human Factor VIII 1 mg277 €Molecular Innovations
520-GTX100808Tissue Factor Antibody N1C3 1242 €Genetex

Anti GFP Antibodies

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154-60-001Anti GFP Antibody Rat Monoclonal382 €B Bridge
544-MBS691276Anti GFP Rabbit PAB258 €Mybiosource
203-04404-84Anti GFP Rat IgG2A1115 €Nacalai
203-0440484Anti GFP Rat IgG2A Monoclonal Gf090R 1066 €Nacalai
203-04404-26Anti GFP Rat IgG2Q450 €Nacalai
171-G096Anti GFP Tag Mouse Monoclonal IgG1 225 €ABM
588-GFP-1010GFP Antibody195 €Aves Labs
568-P601-10GFP Antibody 10 ug225 €101Bio
147-R1091TRPolyclonal Antibody To GFP Texas Red319 €Acris
100-RGFP-45A-ZRabbit Anti GFP 0.1 mg839 €ICL
478-TP-401Rabbit Anti GFP Polyclonal Ab 200Ug193 €Torrey Pines Biolabs
500-LVP557-GPT Antigen GFP Puro Ef1A Lentiviral287 €Gentarget