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252-03-65157Anti AAV Mouse Monoclonal Antibody 1 mL299 €ARP
171-G097Anti Adenovirus Hexon Mouse Monoclonal405 €ABM
87-73-500Anti ATF6 A Antibody Mouse Monoclonal442 €Sceti
481-HBM-CD9-050Anti CD9 Mouse Monoclonal143 €Hansabiomed
171-G041Anti GAPDH Mouse Monoclonal Antibody225 €ABM
171-G018Anti GST Taq Mouse Monoclonal225 €ABM
171-G036Anti HA Tag Mouse Monoclonal IgG3 277 €ABM
617-CAK71162Anti His Tag Mouse Monoclonal396 €Biomatik
171-G020Anti His Tag Mouse Monoclonal 253 €ABM
02-0801085Anti HTLV I Mouse Monoclonal Clone 68/4.621 €Zeptometrix
220-ABD-029Anti Octopamine Mouse Monoclonal874 €Jena
171-G093Anti RFP DS Red Mouse Monoclonal 1120 €ABM
14-34003Anti Thymidine Kinase Mouse Monoclonal 3B3223 €QED
89-MO20025Cd4 Monoclonal Antibody Mouse266 €Neuromics
18-SPA-880FDNAk Antibody Mouse Monoclonal Ig13744 €Mybiosource
18-SPA-810DHsp70 Hsp72 Antibody/Mouse Monoclonal 305 €Mybiosource
237-M072529Monoclonal Mouse Anti Vimentin Clone V9227 €Dako
639-abx010472Monoclonal Mouse BNP Antibody310 €Abbexa
445-70371Mouse Anti H mgb1 Peptide 2 Monoclonal198 €Chondrex
285-MCA1971Mouse Anti Pig CD16 Monoclonal Antibody564 €AB Serotec
285-MCA55GAMouse Anti Rat CD4 Monoclonal Antibody223 €AB Serotec
87-N213730Mouse Monoclonal Anti 4 HHE500 €Sceti
171-G164Mouse Monoclonal Anti CFP Antibody225 €ABM
15-CHIKE12-MMouse Monoclonal Anti Chikungunya Virus351 €Alpha Diagnostics
171-G163Mouse Monoclonal Anti YFP Antibody133 €ABM
36-Y3322GAPDHMouse Monoclonal Antibody To GAPDH362 €Biochain
34-102Mouse Monoclonal Clone 6 Anti Seap834 €Mybiosource
445-3006Mouse Monoclonal IgE Antibody Clone E C1839 €Chondrex
445-3007Mouse Monoclonal IgE Antibody Clone E G5717 €Chondrex
445-3008Mouse Monoclonal IgG1 Antibody Clone L71333 €Chondrex
137-20-272-193407PGP 9.5 13C4 Antibody Mouse Monoclonal414 €GenWay Biotech
285-MCA2297Rat Anti Mouse CD106 Monoclonal Antibody395 €AB Serotec
285-mca884Rat Anti Mouse CD169 Monoclonal Antibody926 €AB Serotec
285-MCA2578PERat Anti Mouse TREM L RPE Monoclonal632 €AB Serotec