Goat Antibodies

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14-18812AAgarose Immobilized Goat Anti 6 HI225 €QED
171-G190Anti V5 Goat Polyclonal356 €ABM
44-703Anti Cholera Toxin B Subunit Goat 225 €List Biologicals
137-GWB-EB2051Anti Pepsin Porcine Stomach Goat 667 €GenWay Biotech
498-bs-1557gGoat Anti Hbs Ag PAB207 €Bioss
37-20180-1CF405M Goat Anti Mouse141 €Biotium
07-CMIGP-50-3KComptrol Kit Goat Anti Mouse Ig 3Popula395 €Spherotech
07-CMPIGP-30-2KComptrol Kit Goat Anti Mouse Ig H & L 225 €Spherotech
07-CMIGP-30-2KComptrol Kit Goat Anti Mouse Ig H&L C1063 €Spherotech
71-YVS4701Diphtheria Toxin Goat Anti Body 1 mL4140 €Accurate Chemical
89-GT15051-100Goat Anti ISLET 1606 €Neuromics
07-MPXA-08-20Goat Anti Mouse H&L 195 €Spherotech
147-GT15183Goat Anti Mouse IGFBP5506 €Acris
89-GT15164-100Goat Anti Netrin 4 0.1 mg425 €Neuromics
214-VC807Primary Polyclonal Antibody Goat281 €Cygnus Technologies
490-414161FHistofine Anti Goat319 €Nichirei
235-AT-2306-2Unlabeled Goat Polyclonal Antibody To169 €EY Labs
161-A00168-200ugHa Tag Antibody PAB Goat161 €Genscript
137-18-272-198237C3 Antibody Goat Polyclonal Antibody345 €GenWay Biotech
45-567Polyclonal Goat Antibody Anti Murine IgG547 €List Biologicals
71-YNGMFBG7SMouse Fibrinogen Goat Anti 805 €Accurate Chemical
519-BA1050-0.5Peroxidase Conjugated Goat Anti Mouse172 €Boster

Rabbit PAB

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639-abx100303PAB Rabbit Apelin 12 Antibody391 €Abbexa
494-04-0011Rabbit Anti CCHFV N PAB2143 €IBT Bioservices
494-0306-001Rabbit Anti CHIKV E2 PAB368 €IBT Bioservices
494-0318-001Rabbit Anti EEEV E2 GP PAB410 €IBT Bioservices
494-0314-002Rabbit Anti HLG C PAB393 €IBT Bioservices
494-04-0006Rabbit Anti Junin PAB179 €IBT Bioservices
494-0307-001Rabbit Anti LASV GP PAB2559 €IBT Bioservices
494-0307-002Rabbit Anti LASV Z PAB1633 €IBT Bioservices
494-0316-001Rabbit Anti Luka PAB408 €IBT Bioservices
197-STA-078Rabbit Anti Lysine PAB437 €Cell Biolabs
494-0303-012Rabbit Anti MARV NP PAB410 €IBT Bioservices
494-0312-002Rabbit Anti PVL LUKF PAB Protein A345 €IBT Bioservices
494-04-0001Rabbit Anti Rift Valley Fever PAB201 €IBT Bioservices
494-0319-001Rabbit Anti WEEV E2 Gp PAB821 €IBT Bioservices
341-LF-PA43935Rabbit PAB Anti TP53/P53379 €AB Frontier

Rabbit Polyclonal Antibodies

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13-ORB10064-100UGAGE Antibody Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody304 €Biorbyt
622-4336-APC-050Anti PAR Polyclonal Antibody Rabbit 598 €Bio-Techne
03-4336-BPC-100Anti PAR Polyclonal Antibody Rabbit 10362 €Trevigen
77-CAB1001Anti TAP Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody 50399 €MBiotech
270-11-409-C100Antibodies Rabbit Polyclonal To PAG 184 €Exbio
404-250563BRDU Antibody Rabbit Polyclonal402 €Abbiotec
18-SPA-600FCalreticulin Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody 456 €Mybiosource
88-11343-05011Fibronectin Anti Mouse Rabbit Polyclo104 €Assaypro
137-18-272-196921Ovalbumin Antibody Rabbit Polyclonal317 €GenWay Biotech
355-21578-50µlPKM2 Antibody Rabbit Polyclonal230 €Signalway Ab
519-PA2160Polyclonal Anti Lama2 Ig Type Rabbit Ig224 €Boster
237-Z033429Polyclonal Rabbit Anti Glial Fibrillary339 €Dako
237-Z045801Polyclonal Rabbit Anti Ubiquitin 1 mL711 €Dako
494-0303-007Rabbit Anti MARV GP Polyclonal 100 ug27865 €IBT Bioservices
400-SPC-404DRabbit Anti Rat ENAC Beta Polyclonal815 €Stressmarq Biosciences
399-CSB-PA00170E1RRabbit Anti Rubisco Polyclonal Antibody207 €Cusabio
544-MBS2520635Rabbit B2M Polyclonal Antibody304 €Mybiosource
544-MBS2522537Rabbit Polyclonal Anti AP3D1 Antibody230 €Mybiosource
04-24243-100UG-AZRabbit Polyclonal Anti EMI1 FBX5 100442 €VUB
13-ORB167345-50ULRabbit Polyclonal Antibody To MGP316 €Biorbyt
544-MBS175557Rabbit SOCS1 Polyclonal Antibody404 €Mybiosource
285-STAR36BSheep Anti Rabbit IgG Polyclonal Antibody374 €AB Serotec

Mouse MAB

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481-HBM-CD63-050Anti CD63 Mouse MAB143 €Hansabiomed
481-HBM-CD81-EM4-0Anti CD81 Mouse MAB310 €Hansabiomed
209-103-M130Anti Mouse MAB LYVE 1299 €Reliatech
161-A00702-40ugBeta Actin Antibody MAB Mouse 40 ug163 €Genscript
400-SMC-155D-A488Mouse Anti DNA/RNA Damage MAB616 €Stressmarq Biosciences
494-0210-005Mouse Anti HLA MAB 6C12502 €IBT Bioservices
494-0210-001Mouse Anti HLA MAB 8B7 770 €IBT Bioservices
494-0270-001Mouse Anti LTA MAB Monoclonal Antibody324 €IBT Bioservices
494-0203-023Mouse Anti MARV GPDTM MAB394 €IBT Bioservices
445-7090Mouse Anti Ovalbumin IgA MAB162 €Chondrex
494-0221-001Mouse Anti PVL LUKS MAB 1D9 465 €IBT Bioservices
513-CABT-33188MRMouse Anti Rat CD63 MAB841 €Creative Diagnostics
494-0280-001Mouse Anti SUDV GP MAB 16F6 32844 €IBT Bioservices
494-0202-018Mouse Anti SUDV GP40 MAB502 €IBT Bioservices
285-MCA2387Rat Anti Mouse GR 1 MAB 0.25 mg384 €AB Serotec
161-A00186-100The His Tag Antibody MAB Mouse332 €Genscript

Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies

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252-03-65157Anti AAV Mouse Monoclonal Antibody 1 mL299 €ARP
171-G097Anti Adenovirus Hexon Mouse Monoclonal405 €ABM
87-73-500Anti ATF6 A Antibody Mouse Monoclonal442 €Sceti
481-HBM-CD9-050Anti CD9 Mouse Monoclonal143 €Hansabiomed
171-G041Anti GAPDH Mouse Monoclonal Antibody225 €ABM
171-G018Anti GST Taq Mouse Monoclonal225 €ABM
171-G036Anti HA Tag Mouse Monoclonal IgG3 277 €ABM
617-CAK71162Anti His Tag Mouse Monoclonal396 €Biomatik
171-G020Anti His Tag Mouse Monoclonal 253 €ABM
02-0801085Anti HTLV I Mouse Monoclonal Clone 68/4.621 €Zeptometrix
220-ABD-029Anti Octopamine Mouse Monoclonal874 €Jena
171-G093Anti RFP DS Red Mouse Monoclonal 1120 €ABM
14-34003Anti Thymidine Kinase Mouse Monoclonal 3B3223 €QED
89-MO20025Cd4 Monoclonal Antibody Mouse266 €Neuromics
18-SPA-880FDNAk Antibody Mouse Monoclonal Ig13744 €Mybiosource
18-SPA-810DHsp70 Hsp72 Antibody/Mouse Monoclonal 305 €Mybiosource
237-M072529Monoclonal Mouse Anti Vimentin Clone V9227 €Dako
639-abx010472Monoclonal Mouse BNP Antibody310 €Abbexa
445-70371Mouse Anti H mgb1 Peptide 2 Monoclonal198 €Chondrex
285-MCA1971Mouse Anti Pig CD16 Monoclonal Antibody564 €AB Serotec
285-MCA55GAMouse Anti Rat CD4 Monoclonal Antibody223 €AB Serotec
87-N213730Mouse Monoclonal Anti 4 HHE500 €Sceti
171-G164Mouse Monoclonal Anti CFP Antibody225 €ABM
15-CHIKE12-MMouse Monoclonal Anti Chikungunya Virus351 €Alpha Diagnostics
171-G163Mouse Monoclonal Anti YFP Antibody133 €ABM
36-Y3322GAPDHMouse Monoclonal Antibody To GAPDH362 €Biochain
34-102Mouse Monoclonal Clone 6 Anti Seap834 €Mybiosource
445-3006Mouse Monoclonal IgE Antibody Clone E C1839 €Chondrex
445-3007Mouse Monoclonal IgE Antibody Clone E G5717 €Chondrex
445-3008Mouse Monoclonal IgG1 Antibody Clone L71333 €Chondrex
137-20-272-193407PGP 9.5 13C4 Antibody Mouse Monoclonal414 €GenWay Biotech
285-MCA2297Rat Anti Mouse CD106 Monoclonal Antibody395 €AB Serotec
285-mca884Rat Anti Mouse CD169 Monoclonal Antibody926 €AB Serotec
285-MCA2578PERat Anti Mouse TREM L RPE Monoclonal632 €AB Serotec

Anti Human Monoclonal Antibodies

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154-011-22033Anti AGO2 Human Monoclonal Antibody481 €B Bridge
154-72-005Anti FC RI Human IgE MAB442 €B Bridge
87-KO603Anti Human Klotho Monoclonal Antibody696 €Sceti
87-KT117Anti Human Macrophage CD68 Monoclonal619 €Sceti
71-YVG63-ACD16 Clone Ash1975 MAB Anti Human 755 €Accurate Chemical
237-IR657Flex MAB Anti Human Er A1719 €Dako
678-MAK1Human IGFBP 3 Monoclonal Antibody1987 €GroPep
14-18758Human Rhinovirus 16 Monoclonal Antibody563 €QED
598-MO-T40085CMAB Anti Human PSP YPS501 €Anogen
112-ATGA0175-100ulMonoclonal Anti Human Mincle Antibody276 €ATgen
373-21279541Monoclonal Antibody 1H4 To Human CD54135 €ImmunoTools
237-M356901Monoclonal Mouse Anti Human3174 €Dako
285-mca5781gaMonoclonal Mouse Anti Human Actin379 €AB Serotec
237-M082329Monoclonal Mouse Anti Human CD31 Endothe227 €Dako
237-M7240Monoclonal Mouse Anti Human Ki 671587 €Dako
237-F713950-2Monoclonal Mouse Anti Human Terminal1228 €Dako
285-MCA2246Mouse Anti Human Amh Monoclonal Antibody294 €AB Serotec
285-MCA1824Mouse Anti Human CD89 Monoclonal470 €AB Serotec
501-CABT-29568MHMouse Anti Human DSG3 Monoclonal667 €Creative Biomart
400-SMC-164DMouse Anti Human HSP70 MAB IgG1388 €Stressmarq Biosciences
45-591Mouse Anti Human IgA MAB165 €List Biologicals
544-MBS335251Mouse Anti Human MICB MAB380 €Mybiosource
18-SPA-800DMouse Anti Human Monoclonal Ab HSP27 Unconj288 €Mybiosource
544-MBS370092-7MLMouse Anti Human Neuroblastoma MAB566 €Mybiosource
544-MBS2025799-0.1Mouse Anti Human Noggin MAB320 €Mybiosource
544-MBS2025767Mouse Anti Human Selectin Monoclonal614 €Mybiosource

Rat Antigens

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473-SMART-SPT8RBasic Antigen Panel Rat KRV MPUL 662 €Biotech Trading Partners
214-F513GBHK HCP Antigen Concentrate782 €Cygnus Technologies
214-F553HCHO HCP Antigen Concentrate 3G437 €Cygnus Technologies
214-F653RWHEK 293 Antigen Concentrate947 €Cygnus Technologies
214-F043HInsulin Antigen Concentrate1378 €Cygnus Technologies
87-ES243882Kl 6 Sialylated Carbohydrate Antigen K1788 €Sceti
214-F403HProtein A Antigen Concentrate908 €Cygnus Technologies

Other Serotonin Antibodies are also available from other suppliers. Check Bellow:

Cancer Antigen 242 Antigen
VAng-Cr3876-10kU Creative Biolabs 10 kU 421 EUR
Cancer Antigen 50 Antigen
VAng-Cr3877-50kU Creative Biolabs 50 kU 5535 EUR
Rat carcinoembryonic antigen ELISA kit
E02C1598-192T B-Gene 192 tests 1270 EUR
Rat carcinoembryonic antigen ELISA kit
E02C1598-48 B-Gene 1 plate of 48 wells 520 EUR
Rat carcinoembryonic antigen ELISA kit
E02C1598-96 B-Gene 1 plate of 96 wells 685 EUR

Mouse Antigens

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190-H6-LA-P500-3Hhv 6 Latent Antigen Mouse Monoclonal256 €Bioworld
190-H6-VC-A016Hhv 6 Viral Capsid Antigen P140 Mouse256 €Bioworld
15-900-100-83TMouse Anti Anthrax Protective Antigen 831966 €Alpha Diagnostics
270-1P-310-T025Mouse Monoclonal To Cd72 Antigen Cd72197 €Exbio
52-MPLGKT-TOTMouse Plasminogen Total Antigen465 €Molecular Innovations
285-MCA497APCTRat Anti Mouse F4 80 Antigen Apc 238 €AB Serotec
285-MCA497A488TRat Anti Mouse F4/80 Antigen225 €AB Serotec
285-mca497gRat Anti Mouse F4/80 Antigen569 €AB Serotec
285-MCA497PBRat Anti Mouse F4/80 Antigen Pb529 €AB Serotec
285-MCA771GARat Anti Mouse Ly 6B.2 AlloAntigen373 €AB Serotec

Human Antigens

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83-139-AAnti A1 A2 Human Blood Antigen IgM184 €Virogen
345-AE1061AG.1Dermcidin Antigen: Human Dermcidin273 €ImmunDiagnostik
617-EKC34577Human Melanoma Associtated Antigen 31405 €Biomatik
149-INTRA-100TIntracell Antigen Species: Human Species115 €Immunostep
285-0178-0409Synthetic Human Acth Aa1 39 Antigen144 €AB Serotec

Other Human Antigens are also available from other suppliers. Check Bellow:

Cancer Antigen 125 Antigen (Human Adenocarcinoma)
VAng-Cr3868-10kU Creative Biolabs 10 kU 421 EUR
Cancer Antigen CEA Antigen (Human Fluids)
VAng-Wyb8644-inquire Creative Biolabs inquire Ask for price
human FABP Antigen
E64C00601 EnoGene 100ug 700 EUR
human FABP Antigen
E64C00602 EnoGene 100ug 538 EUR
Human Transferrin Antigen
IM119 Cygnus Technologies 1 ml 285 EUR

Sheep Antibodies

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100-RM-35PAnti Sheep IgM137 €ICL
71-ACL9000Anti Sheep RBC/Haemolysin Lyophilized144 €Accurate Chemical
451-AS09611Donkey Anti Sheep IgG H&L Biotin207 €Agrisera 
451-AS09636Donkey Anti Sheep IgG H&L Dylight 488207 €Agrisera 
285-MCA2220GAMouse Anti Sheep CD45638 €AB Serotec
100-SAL-10PSheep Anti BSA Hrp Conjugated225 €ICL
80-DS-PB-00635Sheep Anti DigoxIgEnin 1 mL460 €Raybiotech
52-SASMTPASheep Anti Mouse And Rat TPA Antiserum241 €Molecular Innovations
138-K90071CSheep Anti Uromucoid 1 mL374 €Meridian
118-20R-RR010Sheep Rbc Primary Polyclonal Antibody545 €Fitzgerald
528-S-BOV2060SIgM Sheep Monoclonal Antibody115 €Vetmed