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154-011-22033Anti AGO2 Human Monoclonal Antibody481 €B Bridge
154-72-005Anti FC RI Human IgE MAB442 €B Bridge
87-KO603Anti Human Klotho Monoclonal Antibody696 €Sceti
87-KT117Anti Human Macrophage CD68 Monoclonal619 €Sceti
71-YVG63-ACD16 Clone Ash1975 MAB Anti Human 755 €Accurate Chemical
237-IR657Flex MAB Anti Human Er A1719 €Dako
678-MAK1Human IGFBP 3 Monoclonal Antibody1987 €GroPep
14-18758Human Rhinovirus 16 Monoclonal Antibody563 €QED
598-MO-T40085CMAB Anti Human PSP YPS501 €Anogen
112-ATGA0175-100ulMonoclonal Anti Human Mincle Antibody276 €ATgen
373-21279541Monoclonal Antibody 1H4 To Human CD54135 €ImmunoTools
237-M356901Monoclonal Mouse Anti Human3174 €Dako
285-mca5781gaMonoclonal Mouse Anti Human Actin379 €AB Serotec
237-M082329Monoclonal Mouse Anti Human CD31 Endothe227 €Dako
237-M7240Monoclonal Mouse Anti Human Ki 671587 €Dako
237-F713950-2Monoclonal Mouse Anti Human Terminal1228 €Dako
285-MCA2246Mouse Anti Human Amh Monoclonal Antibody294 €AB Serotec
285-MCA1824Mouse Anti Human CD89 Monoclonal470 €AB Serotec
501-CABT-29568MHMouse Anti Human DSG3 Monoclonal667 €Creative Biomart
400-SMC-164DMouse Anti Human HSP70 MAB IgG1388 €Stressmarq Biosciences
45-591Mouse Anti Human IgA MAB165 €List Biologicals
544-MBS335251Mouse Anti Human MICB MAB380 €Mybiosource
18-SPA-800DMouse Anti Human Monoclonal Ab HSP27 Unconj288 €Mybiosource
544-MBS370092-7MLMouse Anti Human Neuroblastoma MAB566 €Mybiosource
544-MBS2025799-0.1Mouse Anti Human Noggin MAB320 €Mybiosource
544-MBS2025767Mouse Anti Human Selectin Monoclonal614 €Mybiosource